A new book by Yuyi Morales
AVAILABLE Sep 7, 2021

Bright Star

Published by Neal Porter Books

From the creator of the New York Times bestseller Dreamers comes a heartbreakingly beautiful story about growth, empowerment, and finding one’s own voice.

Child, you are awake!
You are alive!
You are a bright star,
Inside our hearts.

Told with a combination of powerful, spare language and sumptuous and complex imagery that is typical of Yuyi Morales’s work, this is the story of a fawn making her way through a border landscape teaming with flora and fauna native to the region. A gentle but empowering voice encourages her to face her fears when she comes across an obstacle in the form of an insurmountable barrier.

Yuyi Morales’ first book since her New York Times bestseller Dreamers is a book for very young children looking for their place in a world full of uncertainty. It is a book with resonance for all children, especially those whose safety is threatened due to the immigration crisis in the US.

Bright Star is also available in a Spanish language edition, Lucero.

¿Who is?

Yuyi Morales

Yuyi Morales was born in Xalapa, Mexico on November 7, 1968. The first years of Yuyi’s life were marked by both scarcity and creativity. Yuyi and her two sisters did not have the same clothes or receive the same presents as their schoolmates. Instead, their mother sewed Yuyi and her sisters’ clothes, bedsheets, curtains, and lampshades. When the family couldn’t afford the gifts the girls wanted for their birthdays, Yuyi’s mother would make everything from the cakes to the invitations to their dresses to their shoes. In a sense, her mother’s resourcefulness was Yuyi’s first introduction to art.

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Nashville Reads

Nashville Reads

Yuyi's book, Dreamers, was selected to be the 2020 Nashville Reads selection. The Nashville Reads program "was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, Nashville Public Library, Nashville Public Library Foundation, Parnassus Books, Humanities...

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Videos for Scholastic’s Art of Read Every Day Campaign

Videos for Scholastic’s Art of Read Every Day Campaign

As part of Scholastic's The Art of Read Every Day Campaign, Yuyi filmed two videos. In the first video, Yuyi takes questions about her creative process and inspirations. In the second video, she reads aloud her book, Niño Wrestles the World, which had recently been...

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Dreamers video

Dreamers video

In anticipation of the release of Yuyi's book, Dreamers, she filmed a video in collaboration with her publishing house to tell readers what inspired her book and to explain symbols and imagery within the book.

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Work with  Las Patronas and Fandango Fronterizo

Work with Las Patronas and Fandango Fronterizo

In 2019, Yuyi donated jaranas, a Mexican folk instrument, and copies of her books to a community library run by Las Patronas, a volunteer group that provides food, resources, and assistance to immigrants traveling to the U.S. through the state of Veracruz .

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