Tummy ache, red eyes, big head, according to my grandma, a good home remedy can cure any of these

Home remedy of the week:

(From my Abuela's wisdom)


If you have lost your voice or haven't yet been able to talk, here is what you parents can do to cure you:

Ask you mama or papa to,
very gently,
put inside your mouth
the rear end of a spoon.
Then ask them to set their
eyes on the sky and tune
their ears with the wind.

As soon as they find
a flock of macaws flying by,
ask your mama or papa to
give the spoon
a few turns inside your mouth.

I have to confess, I have never understand this remedy very well for I am yet to figure out how to tell all of this to your mama or papa when you have lost your voice or canít talk, and in top of that have a spoon inside your mouth.

Well, if my Abuela says this is how the remedy goes, then that's it.