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People say that in the depths of the lakes and lagoon lives a estrange creatur called Ahuizotl.

Ahuizotl looks like small black dogs with a tail shaped as a little hand.

When Ahuizotl barks he sound like a child who is crying. Many people have been tricked by Ahuizotl.

They say that at first you hear the cry of a child coming from the water. You run towards the water because you think that a child is drowning!

†††††††††† There you see a little hand waving from the water and, of course, you donít even take your shoes or you hat off; all you want to do is rescue the little child. But, donít be fooled!

There is not child!

It is Ahuizotl barking like a crying child. It is Ahuizotl waving his uncanny tails out of the water.

Donít go inside the water. Donít go! †††††

People say Ahuizotl feels lonely inside the lake; he wants your company.

††††††††††† Whoever jumps in the water, Ahuizotl would take with him to the depths of the water forever.



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