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There was once a beautiful girl, and three brothers fell in love with her. The girl didn’t want the brothers to fight, so she thought of a plan to get rid of all of them at the same time.

When the oldest brother came to talk love to the girl, she listened for a moment and then looked at him oh the eyes and asked, “Do you really love me that much?”

The older brother didn’t take any time to answer, “So much, that I would do anything for you.”

“Would you go at night to the cemetery to take care of a deceased,” the girl asked.

“Yes, I would!” he said and puffed his chest out to show the girl that he could look mighty brave some times.

“Then,” said the girl, “come tonight. I will have the deceased person ready for you to take him to the grave yard.”

“I will be here,” the brother said.

Later came the second brother, and he also declared his love to the girl. After she listened for a moment she looked at him on the eyes and asked him is he loved her so much that he would do anything for her.
”Anything at all!” the second brother answered.

“Would you, then, get inside a coffin at night and pretend to be dead?”

“Of course I would,” the brother said and he frowned and tweaked his mouth to show the girl that he could look fearless at any time.

Then,” The girl said, “come tonight and I will have a coffin for you.”


When the youngest brother came and told her that he loved her more than anybody else in the world, and the girl asked him if he would do anything for her, he answered, “Anything at all!” and he stood with his fist on his hips to show the girl that he meant business. The girl said, “Would you go at night to the cemetery and pretend to be the devil?" The youngest brother said that was such a little thing to ask for and that he would be at the cemetery just exactly as she had asked him.

That night the second brother came to the girl’s house; she made him lay inside the coffin and pretend to be dead . Latter arrived the oldest brother; she gave him some candles and sent him off with the coffin to the cemetery. When the third brother came wearing his devil outfit, she added hanging tin cans with holes and lighted candles inside. “Go now to the cemetery,” she instructed him, “ and jump, kick, and made a big racket for me.”

Of course the youngest brother felt scared when he enter the cemetery, but just as the girl had told him, he jumped, kicked and made lots of noise with the tin cans and the candles sparkling inside.

“Ay, no! What is that?” screamed the brother who was taking care of the coffin when he saw the lights and heard the noise. He started running away in panic.

The brother inside the coffin heard the screams and stood up in terror, “It is the devil!” He said and ran away as fast as you can imagine.

“A dead man that runs!” screamed the brother in the devil outfit. He run and cried all the way out of the cemetery.

The brothers kept running one behind the other across the town. Screaming they came back to their house and the three of them dived inside their hammock.

They never talked about what happened, and they never aging talked of love to the girl.   


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